AMC 8 Geometry Math Olympiad

Hexagon and Triangle |AMC 8- 2015 -|Problem 21

Try this beautiful problem from Geometry based on hexagon and Triangle . You may use sequential hints to solve the problem.

Try this beautiful problem from Geometry based on hexagon and Triangle.

Area of Triangle | AMC-8, 2015 |Problem 21

In The given figure hexagon ABCDEF is equiangular ,ABJI and FEHG are squares with areas 18 and 32 respectively.$\triangle JBK $ is equilateral and FE=BC. What is the area of $\triangle KBC$?

hexagon and triangle

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AMC-8, 2015 problem 21

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Try with Hints

Clearly FE=BC

Can you now finish the problem ……….

$\triangle KBC$ is a Right Triangle

can you finish the problem……..

hexagon and triangle

Clearly ,since FE is a side of square with area 32

Therefore FE=$\sqrt 32$=$4\sqrt2$

Now since FE=BC,We have BC=$4\sqrt2$

Now JB is a side of a square with area 18

so JB=$\sqrt18$=$3\sqrt2$. since $\triangle JBK$ is equilateral BK=$3\sqrt2$

Lastly $\triangle KBC$ is a right triangle ,we see that

$\angle JBA + \angle ABC +\angle CBK +\angle KBJ$ =$360^\circ$

i.e$ 90^\circ + 120^\circ +\angle CBK + 60^\circ=360^\circ$

i.e $\angle CBK=90^\circ $

So $\triangle KBC $ is a right triangle with legs $3\sqrt 2$ and $4\sqrt2$

Now its area is $3\sqrt2 \times 4\sqrt 2 \times \frac {1}{2}$=$\frac{24}{2}$=12

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