AMC 8 Geometry Math Olympiad

Radius of a Semi Circle -AMC 8, 2017 – Problem 22

Try this beautiful problem from AMC 8, 2017 based on the radius and tangent of a semi circle. You may use sequential hints to solve the problem.

Try this beautiful problem from Geometry based on the radius of a semi circle and tangent of a circle.

AMC-8(2017) – Geometry (Problem 22)

In the right triangle ABC,AC=12,BC=5 and angle C is a right angle . A semicircle is inscribed in the triangle as shown.what is the radius of the semi circle?

radius of a semi circle

  • $\frac{7}{6}$
  • $\frac{10}{3}$
  • $\frac{9}{8}$

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Try with Hints

Here O is the center of the semi circle. Join o and D(where D is the point where the circle is tangent to the triangle ) and Join OB.

Can you now finish the problem ……….

Now the $\triangle ODB $and $\triangle OCB$ are congruent

can you finish the problem……..

Radius of a semi circle

Let x be the radius of the semi circle

Now the $\triangle ODB$ and $\triangle OCB$ we have



$\angle ODB$=$\angle OCB$= 90 degree`

so $\triangle ODB$ and $\triangle OCB$ are congruent (by RHS)


And also $\triangle ODA$ and $\triangle BCA$ are similar….


i.e x =$\frac{10}{3}$

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