Opportunity USA Math Olympiad

UCLA full scholarship program – MUMS

Cheenta Opportunity is an initiative for the benefit of Cheenta Olympiad candidates. We dig up opportunities and resources available all around the world for our students. 

University of  California, Los Angles is one of the leading universities in the world. Its mathematics department is held in great esteem by all who matter. UCLA Math department offers a Merit-based scholarship to students with an exceptional background in mathematics.

The scholarship not only includes full tuition and accommodation but also comes with an accelerated program that leads to MS in four years.

By ‘exceptional background’ mathematics, UCLA means several things. One of them is the performance in a national level math olympiad (equivalent to International Math Olympiad). 

We think this is a tremendous opportunity for students at Cheenta. If you wish to apply in coming years, then begin preparations now. For current applicants: admission deadline is November 30th.

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By Ashani Dasgupta

Ph.D. in Mathematics from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (USA)
Founder - Faculty at Cheenta

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